“Having been a nurse on A5N at Methodist for nine years, I had worked with AOI and knew what talent and artistic work goes into your products. Our daughter will have a lifetime of benefit from your hard work, and our whole family is so very thankful for AOI. Keep up the good work!”

“We want to thank you for putting on such an amazingly-well-organized event. The group events and one-on-one advice you gave were priceless. We realize that you don’t HAVE to put on these workshops; the fact that you do shows your commitment to your clients. Thanks to you all!””

“My family doctor said that it was one of the most well-made braces she has ever seen. I’d like to extend my heartfelt thanks & gratitude to AOI for a job well done. It is not very often I find a service that delivers such quality workmanship with obvious skill anymore. I will gladly travel over 3 ½ hours to have my orthotic work done properly”