Prosthetics Process

    Your Journey:

    Whether you are a brand new amputee, facing amputation for the first time, or have lived with limb loss for years, AOI can help you through your prosthetic journey.

    Our Purpose:

    The mission and primary goal of Advanced OrthoPro, Inc. is to care for and about our patients and treat them professionally while striving to provide the highest caliber of products and services available. It is also paramount that complete patient satisfaction be achieved with the provision of our products in an expedient fashion; all while holding down costs and without sacrificing quality.

    Reducing Residual-limb Swelling:

    In order to reduce the swelling of the residual limb, it is critical to use a shrinker. A shrinker will control the swelling and help to ensure that the residual limb is stable from swelling. This process is different for everyone. When your residual limb has reached an acceptable shape, it will be time to evaluate for a prosthesis.

    Receiving your First Prosthesis:

    When receiving your first prosthesis, it is a huge milestone in your journey. It’s a step towards returning to a normal lifestyle. The accomplishment of taking your first step with your prosthesis or operating your upper extremity prosthesis is very rewarding.

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    Initial Evaluation:

    During your initial evaluation we will assess your needs and wants in terms of function and comfort.

    Custom Design and Fitting:

    Your prosthesis is designed specifically for you with the use of casts, measurements, and working models.

    First Fitting and Alignment:

    Advanced OrthoPro ensures that all components work together to maximize your comfort and independence. Alignment is carefully adjusted to your individual gait and balance

    Final Fitting:

    Following a complete check of your prosthesis, and you are thoroughly instructed in its capabilities, function and use.

    Learning to use your Prosthesis:

    The training and rehabilitation process for both upper and lower extremity amputees can be a long and frustrating. Our prosthetists work closely with your healthcare team to monitor your progress, and help you learn to use your prosthesis properly.

    Getting back to Work and Activities:

    Many amputees are able to return back to work with little or no limitations. Our experience shows that many with limb loss are able to return to physically demanding jobs regardless of level of limb loss.

    Also many amputees are able to return to the sports and hobbies they enjoyed before limb loss. They are able to continue to live healthy, active lifestyles.


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