In August of 1983, Advanced OrthoPro, Inc. opened their doors to the first patients. Three of the Mansoori brothers (Mohamad, Abe and Mike) worked diligently to ensure that the patients received the utmost in patient care. Although the original facility was modest, it had a very strong will to succeed. Suddenly there was a “new little guy” working very hard to compete amongst the established few. No other new company had been on the scene and choices had been limited for many years. AOI saw a need, took the chance and found out very quickly that Indianapolis was ready for a “new kid on the block”.

In a little over a year and a half, AOI had outgrown their original facility and was desperately in need of more space, therefore expansion was imminent. In the fall of 1985, Advanced OrthoPro, Inc. moved to their current downtown location at 1820 N. Illinois Street. In establishing this new orthotics and prosthetics facility, every effort was made to make it the ultimate in modern technology. In 1990, the fourth Mansoori brother (Ahmad) joined the business and began assisting his brothers in growing and expanding AOI. Ed Rogers also joined the professional team in 1990, bringing additional prosthetic abilities to the organization.

In 1992, the facility once again experienced growth and expansion when the Northside location was opened near St. Vincent Hospital at 1717 W. 86th Street in Suite 470. This facility helped immensely by offering convenience to our Northside patients since they no longer had to drive downtown for service or products.

By 1999, AOI realized that they could expand their patient base by offering services in Terre Haute. Another location was opened in Honey Creek West at 3185 S. 3rd Place. Although this location is only open part-time, considerations are being made to make the switch to a full-time operation. In the spring of 2005, AOI grew yet again when another location on the Northside was opened. The Northwest location was opened at 6040 W. 84th St., inside the Indiana Orthopaedic Outpatient Therapy Department.

In recent years AOI decided to consolidate some locations and expand to other areas we had not operated in before.  Two north side locations were consolidated into the AOI North location at 8645 Founders Rd in College Park. AOI also opened a North East location in Castleton, near Community North Hospital. AOI has also opened a new location in Greenwood at Main St. and Emerson. In addition, we have also begun to provide services to the Kokomo and Anderson areas.  AOI has recently partnered with Riley Children’s Hospital to provide bracing and prosthetic services for Riley patients inside the Riley Outpatient Center (ROC).

With this expansion AOI has also added two new members to the AOI professional staff. These are Mohamad’s two sons Keon and Kaivon Mansoori. Kaivon treats orthotic patients and his area of practice is generally in the Greenwood area and Southern Indianapolis. Keon works primarily in the Castleton location and also services the Anderson area. Keon is also AOI’s legal counsel and treats both orthotic patients and amputees.

AOI is constantly brainstorming for new ways to expand the business and offer additional services within the Indianapolis metro and surrounding areas. Like other fields, research in orthotics and prosthetics is ongoing, and AOI constantly endeavors to put the results of such research to practical use and utilize the latest developments in the field. Check in on our blog for updates on what is new and what we are doing at AOI to make sure we provide the best to our patients.

Our Mission

The mission and primary goal of Advanced OrthoPro, Inc. is to care for and about our patients and treat them professionally while striving to provide the highest caliber of products and services available. It is also paramount that complete patient satisfaction be achieved with the provision of our products in an expedient fashion; all while holding down costs and without sacrificing quality.

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Mohamad Mansoori

Mohamad Mansoori

Founder and President

  • Certified Orthotist since 1977 and Certified Prosthetist since 1981
  • Bachelor of Science Degree in Math, Ball State University, 1973
  • Master of Science Degree in Education, Butler University, 1976
  • Certification Training in Orthotics, Shelby State Community College, 1977
  • Certification Training in Prosthetics, Shelby State Community College, 1981
Abe Mansoori

Abe Mansoori

  • Certified Orthotist since 1985
  • Bachelor of Science Degree in Electronics, Indiana State University, 1982
  • Certification Training in Orthotics, Northwestern University, 1985
Mike Mansoori

Mike Mansoori

  • Certified Prosthetist since 1994
  • Bachelor of Science Degree in Mathematics, Ball State University, 1980
  • Master of Science Degree in Computer Programming, Ball State University, 1983
  • Certification Training in Prosthetics, Northwestern University, 1994
Ahmad Mansoori

Ahmad Mansoori

  • Certified Orthotist since 2004
  • Bachelor of Arts Degree in Political Science, Ball State University, 1974
  • Master of Arts Degree in Political Science and Economics, Ball State University, 1976
  • Doctorate of Philosophy Degree in American History, Ball State University, 1986
  • Certification Training in Orthotics, 2004
Ed Rogers

Ed Rogers

  • Certified Prosthetist since 1991
  • Associate of Arts Degree in Physical Therapy, Southern Illinois University, 1974
  • Bachelor of Science Degree in Health Science, Southern Indiana University, 1988
  • Certification Training in Prosthetics, Northeast Metro Technical College, 1989
Keon Mansoori

Keon Mansoori

  • Certified Orthotist since 2009
  • Certified Prosthetist since 2010
  • Bachelor of Arts Degree in Political Science, Purdue University, 2006
  • Juris Doctor from the John Marshall Law School in Chicago, 2009
Kaivon Mansoori

Kaivon Mansoori

  • Certified Orthotist since 2010
  • Bachelor of Science in Physiology from Ball State University, 2007